Camp Gan Israel
Summer 2023 
‘A Jewish Child’s Future'
-Our Mission Statement
Camp Gan Israel is answering the call to provide a summer camp experience for Jewish children in North Alabama. Headed by Rabbi Moshe Cohen and his wife Mushky, under the auspices of Chabad of Huntsville, Camp Gan Israel has been an excellent source of enriched Jewish summer fun!
Gan Izzy and Family
Gan Israel is not just an individual experience for campers themselves. It becomes a family experience for all to enjoy. We invite parents to share their talents and expertise with their child and their peers. Our camp will host a grand family BBQ for all friends and family to partake in the special Camp Gan Israel energy and excitement.
-Our Secret
Gan Israel prides itself on its exceptional staff. All our staff come with prior camp experience and a desire to work with kids. We are dedicated to small groups with exceptional staff supervision. This assures the best possible care and instruction for our campers. Our camp counselors are dedicated and experienced. Our counselors are known for their personal warmth and ability to care for each child as an individual. Each counselor is a role model for our children, promising them friendships which will last forever. Their love for the children is perhaps surpassed only by the children's love for them.
Exciting hands on activities, songs, stories, Challah baking and Shabbat celebrations are all part of the unique Gan Israel experience and will imbue our campers with a great sense of pride in their Jewish heritage, and love for the land of Israel.
At Camp Gan Israel, we pride ourselves in our Kosher eating. At CGI we will be serving hot lunch daily included your camp tuition. Our lunch menu is nutritional and tasty so that your children will look forward to eating together with their friends. Serving kosher, will allow for the children to see how so many of their familiar foods are already kosher! We look forward to serving healthy and tasty lunch, that will keep them coming back for doubles! If your child has any allergies, we ask that you note it in the comment box on the registration form. Breakfast should be eaten at home prior to arrival at camp.
Dearest Friends,
I am humbled to be writing to you our dear friends in perhaps gaining support of Camp Gan Israel. Our camp is such a wonderful experience for me. I await watching Jewish children blossom in an exciting Jewish warm environment. I look forward to spend the time with each Jewish child that partakes in this program. The love and ease that this program offers allows for children to inspire, create, and bring their talents to life. Thank you for choosing to be a part of this endeavor. It means a lot to each of us involved in this program. May our entire community here be blessed with much nachas and joy from all the youth of Huntsville, Alabama.
Mushka Cohen
On Wednesday, June 28, 2023 and Thursday, June 29, 2023, we will be going on an overnight trip to a Campground in Lake Guntersville, Alabama! This trip will be exclusively for the campers ages 9 and older, and for our CITs. We will head to our campground straight from our day at camp on Wednesday, and return to camp Thursday in time for regular dismissal. 
The trip includes a barbecue dinner, kumzitz around the fire place with songs, Jewish stories and the traditional Jewish bedtime routines. A full array breakfast will be served Thursday morning. Overnight campers will join their friends in time for Thursday's field trip.
This overnight is a separate fee in addition to the camp registration. This isn't mandatory, as you have an option to pick up your child on Wednesday and come to camp again on Thursday morning.
Please let us know if you are joining the overnight on the registration page, and more information will be given to you at that point. Please note, the cost per child for the overnight and all its activities is $50 all included. 
There's nothing like jumping into a gorgeous outdoor refreshing pool on a hot summer day!
At Camp Gan Israel, we swim on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday at a beautiful local pool. (This is subject to change; please look at the calendar or our daily updates during camp.) We have certified lifeguards at the pool and any water activity. All campers, including rising Kindergartners, go to the pool. Each camper must take a swim test before going into the deep end. In addition the lifeguard, there are counselors stationed all around the pool. For new swimmers, we have numerous floating devices for the children, including floats, tubes, and noodles. Feel free to send your own. Whatever you do send to camp - towels, bathing suits, bags, floating devices, sunscreen, etc. should be clearly labeled with your child’s name and last name.
Sports in camp include baseball, football, soccer, kickball, and more. We offer coaching with sports at Camp Gan Israel. Sports this summer will not only teach our campers great skills and give them a great time, but also to build their self-confidence and teach good sportsmanship.
From challah braiding and baking on Fridays, to cake decorating workshops, to our very own Gan Izzy Chopped, campers show off skills and learn new ones while making delicious and varied foods. All strictly kosher, of course. Bon Appétit!