When the Jews stood before Sinai to receive the TorahG‑d said to them: "I swear, I will not give you the Torah unless you provide worthy guarantors who will assure that you will observe its laws."

The Jews responded, "Master of the world, our forefathers will be our guarantors!"

"Your guarantors themselves require guarantors!" was G‑d's reply.

"Master of the world," the Jews exclaimed, "our prophets will guarantee our observance of the Torah."

"I have grievances against them, too. 'The shepherds have rebelled against Me' (Jeremiah 2:8)," G‑d replied. "Bring proper guarantors and only then will I give you the Torah."

As a last resort, the Jews declared, "our children will serve as our guarantors!"

"They truly are worthy guarantors," G‑d replied. "Because of them I will give the Torah."

Midrash Rabba, Song of Songs 1:4



It has been longest known that the Jewish children of today, are the Jewish future of tomorrow. We hold that close to heart at Chabad, and strive to educate and focus of the Jewish growth and power of our Youth.