Suppose an adult wishes to learn a new language. Would he be compromising his mission by beginning with basic simple words? What about a child beginning the study of math. Is he compromising by starting with simple arithmetic? 

Of course not. It's quite clear that neither "c-a-t spells cat” nor 2 + 2 = 4 is the ultimate goal. But they are necessary steps in the right direction. 

Mitzvot are no different. 

Dividing a mitzvah into small steps makes the goal much more attainable. Taking things slowly also adds the important element of stability to your journey towards living a Torah lifestyle. 

Stage One:

  •   Buy only kosher meat.
  •   Avoid eating meat together with milk. 


Stage Two: 

     •     Buy only products that bear reliable kosher certification. You’ll be surprised how many items on the grocery store shelves are kosher.

  • Divide your pots, pans, and cutlery into “meat” and “milk” groupings, even though you previously may have used the newly designated “milk” spoon for “meat.” (You may want to mark your utensils with their new designations, so that you do not mix them up.) This is good practice for what’s yet to come—practice that will help minimize mess-ups once your kitchen is kosher.

Stage Three:

  • Invite the Rabbi to your home to survey the kitchen. Have a few critical learning sessions which will have you feeling confident in your soon to be kosher kitchen. Ask and get answers to all your questions. He’ll advise you on how best to divide the “milk” and “meat” sections. He will also help you determine which utensils can be made kosher, and which will have to be replaced. 


  • The big day: The sinks, oven and utensils are koshered. You will now be eating in a kosher kitchen.


Rabbi Moshe Cohen is committed to teaching, guiding and ensuring your kitchen is kosher and ready for you to enjoy kosher cuisine! 

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