Welcome to the Shul, at Chabad of Huntsville.

This is a place to bond with G‑d, pray for all your wishes, and show gratitude to all G‑d has gifted you with. Its central point is its Torah. Its charm is the raw and whole hearted prayers sung by each individual.

The synagogue is a place of daily and weekly prayer. It also serves as a congregating area to celebrate our Jewish holidays.

But it hosts more. The Jewish lifecycle milestones usually revolve around the synagogue too.

Starting with birth - 

    A baby naming

    A Brit Milah (ritual circumcision). 

Going into Adulthood - 

    Bar-Mitzvah and Bat-Mitzvah celebrations.

Becoming Whole - 

    Shabbat before a marriage is a special Shabbat Chattan, where the bride groom is called up to the Torah.

Yahrtzeits - 

    Loved ones are very much still with us in spirit. Each year on the yahrtzeit of a loved one, it's customary to come to synagogue and recite a special memorial prayer.


If you'd like to arrange a Shabbat for any of your life cycle events, we'd be happy to host it in our Shul.